Our Team

I’m Martha!!!

I founded Nuh-Rish because I love food.  I love my kids, my family, my friends… and in my quest to always provide an optimal life for those I love, I found myself searching for the best and most nutritious food available.  I found myself doing a lot of research and studying about food, the relation and effect it has on our bodies and our minds. 
Nuh-Rish was born from that passion and from the desire to share that found knowledge while providing more delicious yet nutritious plant-based options.  

In this day and age, although there is a wealth of information out there, sometimes we don’t have access to it or simply we don’t know how to apply that information to our daily lives.  This is where our team here at Nuh-rish can help.  
We have a variety of knowledgeable experts such as: chefs, nutritionists, moms, experienced vegans and many other wonderful people who are here to help you embark on a new plant-based healthier lifestyle.