January Workshop

Are you curious about the plant-based lifestyle? Have you ever wanted to try veganism? Were you enjoying the veggy diet at home but now in Japan you find it’s impossible to follow it? Do you want to learn about japanese ingredients that cater to these lifestyles? Then this is the workshop for you.

We will cover the essentials for getting started on the plant-based lifestyle here in Japan. Plus, we will coach you on how to stock up your pantry and introduce all the necessary (and useful) japanese ingredients that you find in the supermarkets. We will also advice on those ingredients that you won’t find in the supermarket and show you where you can get them.

Join other like-minded people and start the journey. Share experiences and make friends. You may even find that accountability partner you were looking for!!

SAVE THE DATE: January 18th, Friday

For details on time and location or if you have any other questions email us here!

Vegan 101

January Workshop