As Virginia Wolf once said, "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well"

Learn how you can Nuh-rish
your body and soul with your
food choices.

How we can help


We will guide you and answer all your questions so you can make better, more educated choices and start living a healthier lifestyle while enjoying the food that nourishes you.


We hold cooking classes and educational workshops on different topics every month. Learn about food, cooking styles, new recipes, and make friends in a welcoming and multicultural environment.


We offer consulting services to restaurants and organizations from re-branding to menu planning that integrates the growing demand for a whole foods plant-based menu.

Upcoming Workshops & Courses


Contact us for details for each class and to reserve your spot!


WINTER 2022!!!

This course was designed with young school children in mind. We will look at different tastes and textures as children learn about ingredients, basic cooking
and nutrition essentials.  The students will explore food and flavor while having
fun in the kitchen and develop curiosity and a positive relationship with the food they eat.


WINTER 2022!!!

This course was designed with young adults in mind.  It is the perfect course for
recent graduates ready to move out on their own or for those kids who want
more agency in their food choices and would love to learn to cook.  The students
will leave confident in the kitchen and ready to lead an independent, healthy life
on their own.  

What makes us so special

  • We are so much fun to be around. Think the complete opposite of Gordon Ramsey (as far as fun goes anyway).
  • No judgement. You won’t be judged on your past (or future) food choices. We are all learning here and nobody’s perfect.
  • Decades of experience in Japan means we navigate Japanese food like ninjas. BUT we will never make you eat Nato or slimy seaweed (as healthy as they may be).
  • We love food. Yummy food. Any country’s food, really, as long as it’s healthy and tasty. So be sure that we will share that passion.
  • We don’t have all the answers but we are hell curious. So if we can’t answer your question we will search for the answer with you.
  • Our workshops are super multi-cultural and always inclusive to anyone and everyone. You will rub elbows with at least 3 nationalities, guaranteed.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
“Fun & informative!!”

Everything was great! The workshop was fun & informative.

Lisa C.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
“Friendly & professional”

All questions were answered politely and kindly. Vegetarians, vegans, and interested parties were all welcome and the atmosphere was friendly and professional. I’d love to go to more of their workshops and recommend anyone to go!

Patty K.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thank you for helping me chart a path to meeting my personal food and sustainability goals. Martha provided practical advice tailor-made for my situation and plenty of inspiration for the journey, not to mention delicious recipes and fun conversation! I can’t wait to take more classes with her in the future.

Joy Y.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We had a wonderful time (in the workshop) – fun & happy! Thank you for making us feel welcome and free to ask questions.

Renee S.

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