Cooking Classes

You know it’s not all about salads……but in all honesty, you have no idea what to cook.  Japanese food for you means sushi or tempura.  You have never cooked Indian food….and never even eaten middle eastern food.   Vegan/Vegetarian food calls for curries and tofu and so many foreign sounding dishes and ingredients.
It seems very intimidating…… but is it really?

It’s not! Really!  We will show you! Our cooking classes are fully hands-on so you will get to peel, chop, cut, prepare and actually cook the recipes with the assistance of our instructor. You can ask questions, discuss with your classmates and experience first-hand the joy of cooking. Come, make new friends and enjoy the variety of food that is waiting.
You can expect to learn how to cook delicious plant-based whole food meals for you and/or your family to get you started on a healthier more delicious lifestyle.

We have monthly classes with a different theme every month.  Japanese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Italian, desserts, kid-friendly, raw vegan, etc.

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Nutrition Workshops

One of the most important choices we make every day is the type of food that we choose to eat.  We do this almost unconsciously, out of habit and many times on auto-pilot mode.  But what we fail to realize is that our food choices are very powerful.
The food we eat affects our health, it affects how we feel, how we think, how we look, how we perform, how we age, and how we interact with others.

In our nutrition workshops we take a look at the basics of a whole foods plant-based plate. What is a plant-based lifestyle?  What should I keep in my pantry?  and other interest-led specific topics. Every month we will have different wisdom-filled topics ranging from broad topics such as “Vegan 101”, “Vegan Kids Nutrition” to specific topics such as “All about Tofu”, “Soy Meats”, “All about Miso”, and “Japanese Condiments”.
Our workshops will be done in a demonstration format, so generally, you will not be involved in the cooking process. However, depending on the type of workshop, we will have some sort of tasting, and eat lunch together.

Check our schedule and book your class here.