Our Founder

I’m Martha. (the “H” is silent)
I was born in Colombia but spent my formative years in Canada. I came to Japan in 2001 and here I am now calling it my home.

Some of my favorite food
  • Strawberries & peaches
  • Chocolate nice-cream
  • Avocado Toast
  • Veggies and hummus
  • Leftovers in a wrap
  • Matcha anything
My favorite products

My list has grown bigger and bigger with more vegan products available in Japan nowadays. If you are curious about my recommendations please check out THIS PAGE for a full list.

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Hi, I’m Martha!

I founded Nuh-Rish because I love food.  I love my kids, my family, my friends… and in my quest to always provide an optimal life for those I love, I found myself searching for the best and most nutritious food available.  I found myself doing a lot of research and studying about food, the relation and effect it has on our bodies and our minds. 
Nuh-Rish was born from that passion and from the desire to share that found knowledge while providing more delicious yet nutritious plant-based options.  

My expertise

Two Decades of Japan-life
After living in Japan for 2 decades you would think I know the ropes right? Well I do. I have learned to navigate pretty much every aspect of life in Japan, especially when it comes to food. I know what to get, and when, and where to get it.

I loooooove food
I really enjoy eating good food. I love trying new foods and experimenting with ingredients. I don’t watch TV, but I binge on food shows. When I go to magazine stands, all I come out with is food magazines. When I splurge, I splurge on cookbooks (even though I could totally just get the kindle version). I am in my groove when I am eating/talking/teaching about/making good food. I am a big foodie.

My kids are my biggest challenge
My kids (now 6 and 9!) are both my biggest fans and my strictest judges. I know I’ve made a good one, when they ask for seconds and thirds and they say “Mommy you are the best chef ever!”. Still, they are never shy to tell me “mommy this is good, but it needs something….can we get some salt?” (they think salt can fix anything). They have taught me what it means to make food fun. And the best thing of all is that they are both growing big and strong on a plant-based lifestyle and THEY LOVE TO EAT.