My favorite Products

Over the years I’ve developed a collection of favorite cookbooks, kitchen tools and plant-based products that I truly love and recommend again and again. You’ve probably heard me talk about them in my workshops or cooking classes. I’m always asked for the links so here they are!

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Food Products

This is what you will find in my pantry!

My favorite brands of plant-based products such as: non-dairy milks, nutritional yeast, vegan cheese, soy yogurt, frozen veggies, soy sauce, miso, and even my favorite cup noodles!!!


Check out my ultimate favorite cookbooks!

So many to choose from!!! But these are definitely my favorite cookbooks (and other books worth mentioning). I go back time after time and make many of the recipes in here. Or I tweak the recipes and make them my own!

Kitchen Tools

These tools have made my life so much easier!

Some of these tools I use every day and couldn’t live without them. Some of them, have been upgraded and tested again and again, until I found THE best one for the job. The cream of the crop!

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