Nutrition Workshops

Our nutrition workshops are different from our cooking classes in that they are learning platforms with presentations, discussions, introduction to ingredients, tasting, etc.  However, in our workshops, our participants do not usually partake in any hands-on activities such as cooking.

栄養ワークショップは、料理教室とは異なり、プレゼンテーション、ディスカッション、食材の紹介、テイスティングなど、学びの場であることが特徴です。  通常、参加者は調理のような実践的な活動は行いません。


On-Demand – Japanese Condiments for Newbies Workshop (Basic course to guide you through your new life in Japan as you navigate the supermarket aisles and search for pantry essentials)

***If there is a particular theme/workshop that you are interested in, and you have a group of friends you would like to take the class with, reach out to us for an on-demand workshop.
Some of our most popular classes are below :


PAST WORKSHOPS / THEMES 過去のワークショップ/テーマ

  • Intro to a Plant-Based Lifestyle プラントベースライフスタイル入門
  • Protein on a Vegan Diet ヴィーガン食のタンパク質の取り方
  • Tofu 1.0 豆腐料理
  • Japanese Condiments Basics 日本の調味料入門
  • Vegan Meats “How to” ヴィーガンミート入門
  • Indian Spices インドのスパイス
  • All about Miso 味噌の使い方