Nutrition Workshops

Our nutrition workshops are different from our cooking classes in that they are learning platforms with presentations, discussions, introduction to ingredients, tasting, etc.  However, in our workshops our participants do not partake in any hands-on activities such as cooking.

*** Due to the COVID19 outbreak and the current state of emergency in place, our in-person public workshops have been postponed until further notice.
We are doing on-demand workshops with limited number of participants (2-3 people) for some of our most requested classes. If there is a class you are interested in please reach out to see if we can make it work. For sample classes, see below :


  • Intro to a Plant-Based Lifestyle
  • Protein on a Vegan Diet
  • Tofu 1.0
  • Japanese Condiments Basics
  • Vegan Meats “How to”
  • Indian Spices
  • All about Miso