Coaching & Guidance

It’s ok to ask for help. It’s ok to unlearn to relearn the right way. It’s ok to free yourself from constraints and old habits. It’s ok to hold hands in making the first steps.

Most of us grow up eating our mother’s meals and continue living with the same habits and customs surrounding food most of our lives. These beliefs, habits and customs, however well-meant and innocent they were, have become outdated and in need of revision. There is a saying that goes: “Disease runs in families because eating habits run in families”. Because we don’t learn about nutrition in school, we grow into our adult selves thinking that the way our parents fed us was the “right” way. Some of us were blessed with parents who were on top of it all, but some of us weren’t. Or even those of us who were lucky enough to eat healthily into adulthood, failed to continue to do so after moving out and living on our own. Lives got busy, food got convenient, and food manufacturers got greedy. Our food choices became automatic and without much though, except perhaps for the price tag. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What’s done is done. You know you can do better so move on and make the change. Be brave and ask for help though, no need to cross scary bridges alone.

One-on-one Coaching

Our coaching sessions are tailored to each individual’s needs.  The nature of our sessions will depend greatly on whether you are already on a path to a vegan diet, or whether you are a complete beginner, whether you are new to Japan or have been here for a while, etc.  We also take into consideration your goals and what you are looking to achieve from the coaching sessions.  So there is no one strategy for all, or one price fits all.  You decide how much help you need according to your needs, your budget and the time you have available.

Your first 45-minute session will be free, so this is where we determine your needs and how we can help you.  Beyond the first session our pricing is as follows:

 Initial Consultation (30-min.) FREE

1st Coaching Session (2 hours) ¥8,000 
Additional Hours ¥5,000/hour 

*** Weekly coaching sessions and more hands-on “hold my hand” coaching also available upon request.  

Shopping Guidance

Moving to a new country can be scary. Especially, if you have family who is used to eating a certain way or has particular dietary restrictions. Whether it is an allergy, intolerance or personal lifestyle, not finding the right foods for you can be extremely stressful. In our personalized tours of local supermarkets, I take you around and show you what is what, the different aisles of a Japanese supermarket and how to shop efficiently for healthier options.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, I point you in the right direction. We also look at Japanese labels and how to read them.  

The price includes a 30 minute chat about your current eating habits, food preferences, pantry dilemmas, etc.  We have this chat before the supermarket tour. 

Supermarket Tour (2 hours) ¥10,000

After the tour, we have an additional follow-up 30-min chat about the hard-to-get items, how to prep/cook new items or whatever questions you have left. If there is time left, I can also give you tips on how to do meal prep/planning with the ingredients

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison.

Ann Wigmoree

Nourish to Flourish.