Cooking Class for Kids

Do your kids help you cook? When did YOU learn how to cook? What was the first thing that you learned how to cook? How are you teaching your kids how to cook? One of the first things that Japanese kids learn how to cook is miso soup.

We are holding a cooking class for kids with our Miso expert Mr. Inoue, who shared his knowledge about Miso with us in our All about Miso Workshop.
Our teacher, Mr. Inoue, is very popular with children. He opens his restaurant in Kamakura every afternoon and offers the passing by neighborhood kids free miso soup as an after-school snack. The children love to stop by for tasty soup and to talk to Mr. Inoue. Many of them are in charge of making miso soup for their family.

In this cooking class, kids will participate along with one parent who will facilitate them as they learn how to make miso soup from scratch. They will learn the basics of how to make the broth, practice knife skills and learn about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. We will cook miso soup, make onigiri and then have lunch along with some yummy Kamakura veggies.

Cooking provides a great opportunity for kids to practice their fine and gross motor skills, mathematics and measuring skills. They will also practice how to follow directions, learn about cleanliness, nutrition, and patience.


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