Gnarly Eats for Gents

Do you dream of making gnarly eats that will impress that special someone in your life? Come and learn in the company of other gents, who will not judge or nag you about the way you hold the kitchen knife.

This is a class for men of all ages and their boys (high school +). Of course, gender-neutral and non-binary folks are always welcome!! Also, if you identify as a man whether you were born a man or not, you are welcome. (Sorry gals, you will have to sit this one out.)

The “Gnarly Eats for Gents” series is a foundational course for beginners and intermediate-level cooks. We not only learn easy, quick yet delicious recipes to master and make on weekday nights to take the load off mom/wife/partner but we will also learn some really wicked gnarly eats for game night or boys’ night-in. We will also learn techniques, secrets and recipes that will impress that special someone, whether that is your wife/partner, daughter, son, grandma, neighbour, teacher, or your higher self.

The classes will be held on the last Friday of every month, in the evening, so make sure you finish work and leave early!! We will cook and eat what we make but you are also welcome to bring a BentoBox/Tupperware and pack what you made to eat at home. Optional BYOB/BYOW.

VOL.1 – Friday, September 30th, 2022

* the BEST pesto you will ever make, on pasta.
* Delicious dessert (your friends won’t believe you it’s vegan)

DATE: January 30th, 2022
TIME: 18:00-20:00
PLACE: Kanagawa Chiku Center (5min walk from JR Higashi Kanagawa Station)
PRICE: ¥5,000

*** You must reserve your place by pressing “going” on the event page AND confirming payment through our website on the link below, or by contacting us for other payment options.

*** Inscriptions will close 36 hours before the class, cancellations prior to that will receive a 100% refund. However, cancellations after the 36-hour deadline will be non-refundable.


Men’s Cooking Class Vol. 1