Tomato Ramen Cooking Class

July Online Cooking Class

Summer is here! And so are beautiful, delicious summer tomatoes!
Maybe you’ve had miso-based ramen or soy-based ramen but have you ever had tomato ramen? Most likely not right!?
In this class, we are collaborating with Bentoya once again and are bringing you our first cook-along online cooking class.
Of course, you can just watch and learn, but you probably won’t be able to resist making this recipe after you see the yummy dishes we will be making.

The star of the class is, of course, the tomato ramen, which will be made with a delicious vegan broth. This summer ramen can be eaten hot or cold. As a side dish, we will show you how to make tomato harumaki, the healthier way. For dessert, we will make a very refreshing tomato jelly!


  • Tomato Ramen
  • Healthy Tomato Harumaki
  • Refreshing Tomato Jelly

DATE: July 2, 2020
TIME: 11:00-12:00 (ish)
PRICE: ¥2,500
PAYMENT OPTIONS: Credit Card via Paypal (below) or contact us for bank transfer details

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