All about Miso

March Workshop

Miso is a staple in Japanese cooking, every Japanese home has miso in their pantry. It is known to be one of the foundational ingredients in Japanese cooking. Miso is high in protein, it is rich in minerals and vitamins, and it is loaded with umami.

In our workshop, we will talk about what miso is really made of, the history of miso, and explain the different kinds/colors of miso. We will also talk about ways you can incorporate miso in your everyday cooking.
We will walk you through 3 different dishes made with miso: negi-miso onigiri, vegetable dengaku, and a miso sauce for vegetables or dipping.

Join other curious souls who want to learn how to use this wonderful Japanese ingredient. Miso can quickly become your go-to addition to any dish, broth, and even to your salad dressings.


TIME: 11:00-14:00
LOCATION: 5 Minutes from Kannai Station @ Yokohama Ginou Bunka Kaikan

Space is limited so make sure to reserve your spot soon!!

All About Miso (FULL)

March Workshop . ¥5000 (SOLD OUT!!!!)