June Workshop

This month’s workshop is all about vegan meats. Not readily available in the supermarket, it takes a detective eye to find and buy them, especially if you do not read Japanese. Nonetheless, they are not entirely impossible to get and they are a great ingredient to have when you are transitioning from a meat-eating diet to a plant-based diet.

Still struggling to give up those chicken nuggets?
Worry no more…. no chickens will be harmed and you can still get your nuggets!! WIN-WIN!!!

In the workshop we will introduce you to some meat/fish alternatives and demonstrate how to use them in your everyday cooking. Our menu includes: chicken nuggets (of course), tuna-less sandwich, grilled soy “yakiniku”, and more!

DATE: June 5, 2019 11:00-13:30PM

LOCATION: Cotton Harbour

PRICE: ¥2000/person (includes lunch)

Vegan Meats Workshop

June Workshop (introduction, tasting and simple lunch included)

2000 ¥