Berry Very Nice-Cream

Have you noticed that if the kids are bored or didn’t eat a nourishing meal, they just keep asking for snacks and snacks and snacks all day? Hearing them ask for yet another snack can be pretty scary.

“Haven’t I been feeding them enough?”
“Why are they asking for yet-another snack?”
“Didn’t I give them enough sugar today already?”
“Will they eat dinner if I give them another?”
“Are they having emotional issues which manifest through their need for sweet comforts?”

These are all the questions that race through your mind.

During this time of quarantine, I’ve heard many parents complain they struggle to keep snacks at bay and screen time away. The key is to have a healthy stash of snacks at hand, so you don’t end up eating something you would regret later. When you have a bag of healthy cookies in the freezer, homemade nice-cream, a jar of peanut butter, hummus and some cut veggies, there really is nothing to worry about.

A great strategy to get the kids to put the iPad away is to invite them to the kitchen with you. Even better, teach them how to make a batch of cookies and then give them the freedom to make them every time they run out. If you make a big batch and freeze them, you will have cookies ready to eat in 30 seconds (how long it takes to defrost them in the microwave) so get the kids involved and make a big batch and enjoy throughout the week.

For the nice-cream, all you need is to freeze your super ripe bananas. When you are ready to make some nice-cream, put them in your food processor with some almond milk and natural sweeter such as agave syrup. Blend. That’s it. You can get creative and add cocoa powder, or frozen berries like we did here. The amount of liquid will depend on how big and hard your bananas are so just add it little by little until your food processor blends the desired consistency. Do the same with the sweetener. Some bananas will be really ripe and thus sweeter than those that are not so ripe.

So try to make a batch of cookies and time it so that as soon as they are ready, you also have the nice cream ready. Cookies and ice cream will always be the winner snack and everyone will be satisfied (think bananas and oats = tummy-fillers)!!
Did you try it? What is your favorite nice cream flavor?

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