My Story

Since becoming a mother, my intention has always (and will always be) to nourish my children for as long as I can. In the process, I have learned to nourish myself and those around me. But I have also noticed that, unintentionally, I had been feeding myself but certainly not nourishing myself.  The sad thing is that it wasn’t just me, my family, my friends were all on the same boat.  
Then my father was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer.  Gradually, he found himself not eating enough because he couldn’t bear the pain that came with digestion.  Obviously, the less he ate, the weaker he got.  I was here in Japan so there wasn’t much that I could do for him except for doing research to try and find the most nutrient-dense foods that would be easy and fast to digest.  And so I read, and I read.  And to my disbelief, there were so many truths that were not being told.   So much key information that we were unaware of.  
My father had lost so much weight when he passed away.  It was too late.  No matter how much I researched, and no matter how much I advised him to eat this or avoid that, it was too late for him.  But I realized it wasn’t too late for me, nor for my family or everyone else whom I love.  So we adopted the plant-based lifestyle and started eating mindfully.  We started nourishing ourselves not just feeding ourselves.  

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