2019 the year of CHANGE

Around this time you’re probably regretting all of the holiday food and the holiday pounds that you put on. You’re probably re-examining the past year and thinking about the choices you made, the resolutions and the goals that were unfulfilled. A lot of us take this time of year to think about what we could’ve done better, what we could’ve improved on, or what we meant to do but never got around to. Then we make new goals, and with those new aspirations we welcome the new year. But is this year going to be any different? I think so. I know so.

Because ultimately, the two most important choices that you will make day after day are:

* Whether you approach everything with a positive attitude or in a negative manner

 What you put in your mouth. a.k.a the food that you choose to nourish your body and soul with.

So you better think twice, you better give it more thought. Once you do, change will come so naturally that you will hardly notice your efforts.

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