Eclipses and our Digestion

Although I am no astrologer, I do love digging through ancient wisdom and learning how things that were intuitively known in ancient times have been scientifically proven in recent years.
One of the things that has caught my attention recently is how planetary movements have an effect on the human body and psyche. Take for example the current Eclipse season we are in right now… Did you know that in ancient times, and even to this day, in some parts of India and other parts of the world people practice fasting during eclipses? People have also been known to crave different foods and experience indigestion more than at other times.

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The reason for this is complicated, as is any scientific theory, but let me summarize what I have learned so far.
During an eclipse, as the sun and moon come into perfect alignment, we experience disruptions in our energy fields. This includes radio waves, satellites, and possibly even our physiological systems.
The change in the earth’s electromagnetic field tends to disrupt our nervous system, causing us to feel more tired, and sensitive, have trouble sleeping, have headaches, and other symptoms that may lead us to over-eat, find comfort in fatty foods or eat more sugary foods than otherwise.  Did you notice any of these symptoms in our last eclipse on October 27th? Especially with the solar eclipse in obsessive Scorpio, we may have found ourselves super emotional and fixated on eating the whole tub of chocolate ice cream. 

As if that wasn’t enough, the increased gravitational force of the sol and luna combined affects our hormones and our feeding/digestion habits.  This manifests as a sluggish metabolism and poor digestion so it is advisable to avoid high-calorie, hard-to-digest meals and hence the tradition to practice some sort of fast during the eclipses if possible or eat light meals according to your ayurvedic profile.  

Research still seems to be very “eclipsed” (aka. hidden) and not very clear. Still, my takeaway is that whatever emotional rollercoasters this eclipse brings about, two things to keep in mind are not to over-eat, and not to let food be the solution to your discomforts. This is something that we should try to follow every day, but it appears to be especially beneficial during eclipse season.

Roll with the waves, rest and take care of your body and psyche. Then tell me how it was, and whether you experienced any of the above. Would love to hear everyone’s personal experiences.

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