“Get out of my kitchen! You can’t even hold a chef’s knife without cutting your finger off!
I can’t trust you with dinner!!”

Women ruled the kitchen and men were to stay away. That was the narrative of many households back in the day. Well… that’s what my father-in-law would tell you anyway.
Of course, if you ask any feminist the narrative would be quite different. Women were told that their place was in the kitchen, while the men were out in the world.

Luckily times have and continue to change. More and more men feel comfortable in the kitchen and are skilled cooks, if not outstanding chefs. We are familiar with famous male chefs such as Jaime Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, and Matthew Kenney. But where did they all start? More often than not, it was in their own mother’s kitchen. Something sparked their curiosity and love for food and the rest is history.

Not all of our men were so lucky though. Some of our well-intentioned gents just didn’t have access to those same opportunities. Nonetheless, their love for food is there, as is the desire to become a better cook. These are the gents that we have to nurture and appreciate. However, cooking classes can be intimidating to some, especially if they are filled with capable women. An all-gentleman’s class, however, can help these wonderful gents grow confident as cooks. This is why I decided to create the “Gnarly Eats for Gents” cooking class series and make it one of our signature classes. A fun, easy class on Friday evening, where beer, wine or ginger ale is drunk in camaraderie as we cook foundational recipes that are both nutritious and gnarly yummy.

My goal is to bring men back into the kitchen, to let them grow confident in their cooking skills and as a by-product maybe they can ease the burden on mom/wife/partner by learning to cook delicious and nutritious meals. I hope to teach men that cooking gnarly eats doesn’t just mean grilling a piece of meat on the BBQ. Ultimately, my wish is that all the gnarly gents will realize that they can thrive strong and powerful on a plant-based diet, and can support their friends and family with a sustainable, healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle.

This class is all-inclusive, so dads and their sons are as welcome as gay couples, daddy friends, co-workers, and single men are. Find out more details about the next class here or send us your feedback here.

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